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How We Process Your Personal Data

To operate the various funding schemes that are supported by this website this system will collect and process personal information appropriate to the receipt, assessment and (if appropriate) funding of any funding application. The scope of information requested and processed will vary according to the type of funding that is requested but will always include basic personal identity and contact information.

Access to any personal data will be limited according to need but may include:

  • HBLB Administrators
  • HBLB Veterinary Advisory Committee members
  • HBLB Board Members
  • HBLB Auditors
  • Other parties appointed to act on HBLB's behalf.

Other parties acting on behalf of HBLB will be required to follow all applicable data protection law.

Lawful Basis

The basis that we use to process personal data within this system is the completion of a Public Task as defined by our statutory duty to apply funds to support one or more of the following:

  • the improvement of breeds of horses;
  • the advancement or encouragement of veterinary science or veterinary education;
  • the improvement of horseracing.

Freedom of Information

As a government body HBLB is required to operate openly and transparently by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) – therefore details regarding grant applications and grant awards may be subject to public disclosure and may proactively be published by the HBLB unless subject to an allowed FOIA exemption.

Personal data protected under the Data Protection Act 2018 is exempt from disclosure under FOIA.

More Information

For more information about your data protection rights, how we protect your data, and how to make a complaint please see our Privacy Policy.